Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Yulin University & Study in yulinu

Application Procedures

1. Inform us of your wish to study at Yulin university by Email, Tel., or Fax, and request that THE APPLICATION FORM be sent.

2. After filling in the Application Form, please email, mail or fax it to International Affairs Office, Yulin University.

3. Once the application has been approved, an Admission Notification and a JW202 Form will be mailed to the applicant.

4. With the above documents and a passport, the applicant can apply for a visa from his/her local China Embassy or Consulate.
(Alternatively, the applicant may come to Yulin University with a tourist visa, and then, with our help, can go through the necessary procedures.)

5. Pack your bags and hop a flight to Beijing, China.

6. From Beijing you can come to Yulin by air, bus or train, although for newcomers air travel is usually the easiest means of transportation.

7. After arriving at Yulin university, you can relax in your room.

8. Before classes begin, you need to register. Don’t forget to bring these documents: 1) Admission Notification; 2) JW202 Form; 3) Passport; 4) Schooling Certificate or Certification of Education Experience; 5) 4 passport photos.
We will help you through the procedure, don't worry.

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